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  • Lesson 3: Work Frustrations

    It is inevitable that, from time to time, we will find our work frustrating. Frustration with work is a consequence of the Fall. While Christ has set in motion its ultimate remedy, we will continue to fight the frustrations of work until Jesus returns. In this lesson, we will attempt to fight back against some of the frustration that the Fall has put in our way in our work. More importantly, we will learn to distinguish between our jobs and our vocation, beginning to identify exactly what our God-given vocation might be.



    This lesson aims to equip you to:

    1. Describe how our frustrations with work are a consequence of the Fall.
    2. Strategize to prevail over our work frustrations.
    3. Distinguish between one’s job and one’s vocation.
    4. Begin to articulate what your God-given vocation is.